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Permanent Lubricant Duct (HDPE PLB Duct)

PLB Duct

We provide Standard and TEC HDPE PLB duct with various specifications. We provide Smoothwall, Ribbed, Spiral, Pre Installed PP Rope or Tape etc kind of duct with an optional Silicore permanently lubricated and outer strips / lining. The inherent properties of HDPE make gradual bends without special equipment, and provide outstanding long-term cable protection from shifting ground, rock, and root impingement. These ducts perform well in all environments, aerial, direct buried and underground.

Size Range: 20 mm to 250 mm
Available with Silicore – permanently lubricated lining
Factory Pre-Installed Cable or Tape options

MicroDucts & Multi MicroDucts

MicroDucts are the best way to utilize empty space and expand your fiber network as additional capacity is needed. Manufactured from 100% virgin grade HDPE, with a built-in permanently lubricated lining, SILICORE, these smaller conduits save you time and money providing growth in your communications network.

These ducts can be provided in Single or Bundled form to you based on your site requirement.

Size range of 5mm OD to 18 mm OD
Standard Configurations: 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 7-way, 12-way, 19-way, 24-way
Smooth or Ribbed interior lining
Revitalize existing networks with OverRides
MicroDucts can either be Direct Buried (DB) or installed in an existing conduit (DI)
Customize with color, stripe, print markings, and more
Available in HDPE, Riser, Plenum or LSZH


Double Walled Corrugated Pipes (DWC Pipes) IS 16205: Part 24

Double Walled Corrugated Pipes (DWC) provides a lightweight conduit with excellent mechanical properties. The smooth inner wall allows for easy installation of inner conduits or cables. IS 16205: Part 24 used for all kind of Electrical Cable and OFC Installation.


Longer life compared to GI, RCC, and PVC pipes
Light weight for easy handling, transport, and installation
Excellent mechanical properties with superior crush resistance and high impact strength
Flexible for easier installation around bends and obstacles3
Size available from 40MM till 315MM Outer Diameter

HDPE Pipes as per IS 4984 & IS 14333

HDPE pipes are manufactured from virgin superior grade HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) as per BIS specifications – IS 4984 and IS 14333 & available in raw material grades PE-63, PE 80, and PE 100 in various pressure rating classes in a state of the art manufacturing facility.

Longer life compared to GI, RCC, and PVC pipes
Raw material grade availabe: PE63, PE80 & PE100
Pressure rating available: PN-02 till PN-20 / SDR from 41 till 06 for IS:4984
Pressure rating available: PN-2.5 till PN-16 for IS:14333
Size available from DN 16MM till DN 1000MM in IS:4984 specification
Size available from DN 63MM till DN 1000MM in IS:14333 Specifications
Warranty / Test Certificates / TPI Inspection as per IS standards.

DWC Pipes as per IS 16098 (Sewage Application)

  • DWC Sewage and Drainage Pipe are heavy duty components that are especially designed for the construction of large sewage systems for the efficient transportation of large volume of waste water from the sewer to the runnels. These are manufactured by using premium grade high density polyethylene with the help of advanced production techniques.
    Excellent load bearing capacity
    Light weight
    Sewage DWC Pipes are flexible and fatigue resistant
    Simple to stack
    Telescopic transportation without damages
    Lesser manpower / labor requirement
    No need of heavy machinery for conveyance
    IS 16098 (Part 2)
    Size available from 100MM till 800MM in SN4 and SN8 stiffness.

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